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Opi Nelson

is from London and based in the UK.
She is a multi-instrumentalist, digital media artist, radio and TV producer.

Series director/producer  DotsWaves TV
Assistant producer/reporter: SBS TV Australia music shows 'The Noise' and 'MC TVEE'
Producer/presenter: Metro Public TV, Sydney 'Midday Arts Show'
Presenter/reporter/ radio documentary producer: The Australian Broadcasting radio stations 'Triple J' and 'Radio National'

Massive Attack, The Grid, SNOG, Lucky Dube, Wicked Beats Soundsystem, The Black Hole Lovers and others.

Further information

Series Director and Producer, DotsWaves TV


Dec 2019

2019: DotsWaves TV

I have directed and produced the DWTV series over the last 4 years.
DWTV has been on hiatus due to a physical illness I have had to contend with over the last few years but will return in 2020 with a new format and an AR/VR experimental platform.
DotsWaves TV features interviews and showcases the work of international and local UK creators in multi-genre art. Sign up to DWTV's hub for all the latest news or follow for twitter updates @dotswaves_tv

2020  Black Hole Lovers's EP Release

'The new EP will be a discourse from 'Black Hole Lovers' and picks up from where Opi's solo industrial project 'Jezebel Complex' (2000) left off, injecting into BHL a harder structured electronic industrial wall of sound with seething dynamic vocals...